Commercial dry lining specialists

Dry lining is the quickest, most efficient way to create a perfectly smooth interior wall, ready for decoration. Our team of expert fitters can install dry lining to your commercial development across Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and beyond.

Metal stud walls

Metal stud walls can be the perfect way to create your interior walls and partitions. They are flexible and quick to assemble when you know how. Our team knows how. We have used metal stud walls for commercial developments across East Anglia.

Dot and dab

The terms “dry lining” and “dot and dab” are often used interchangeably. Our expert team can use the dot and dab technique to attach plasterboard to a wall quickly and efficiently.

Taping and jointing

Often the quickest and most cost-effective finish. We tape the joints between plasterboard panels and use a special compound to create a completely smooth finish.

Professional plastering

More labour intensive than taping and jointing, but still preferred by some, we can completely coat your drylining with traditional plaster. The finish will take slightly longer to dry, but will achieve the perfectly smooth result you’re after.

Dry lining in office


A member of our friendly team will be happy to come and visit your site or review your plans to provide a free estimate.

MF Plasterboard ceilings

MF plasterboard ceilings have become more and more popular. They offer an attractive, smooth finish. They can be fitted to curved and sloping spaces making them really flexible. Great for insulation and noise reduction, they can also be made to resist damp and fire. They’re also great for complex lighting. Our finish is flawless.

MF angled ceiling