acoustics in sports hall

Hewett School, Norwich

We recently completed a job for Kier Construction, working on the new Jane Austen Sports Hall at the Hewett School in Norwich.

Most activities that take place in a sports hall are noisy. The size of the space means sound reverberates, bouncing off the walls and ceiling. It can make it impossible for students to hear each other, and for teachers to make their instructions heard. It was an important issue to address with this project.

We used some fantastic Ecophon acoustic wall panels and ceilings rafts within the hall. These help reduce the sound levels by keeping sound from bouncing off these surfaces, making it much easier for everyone to be heard. An important feature of these particular panels and rafts is that they’re impact-resistant – vital in this kind of environment where they’re bound to receive a few knocks.

We also completed wall linings, partitions and suspended ceilings in the rest of the building.

We’re really pleased with the results and hope the students really enjoy using the new hall.

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