Why You Should Install Suspended Ceilings

Why You Should Install Suspended Ceilings

Whether you’re having a major office fit out or planning on a small office revamp, it’s important to consider style and practicality. If you’re considering replacing your existing ceiling, suspended ceilings offer a number of advantages, making them a popular choice for commercial properties.

Benefits of suspended ceilings

Easy Installation
Suspended ceilings can be quickly installed, so it will cause minimal disruption to the company. This means that the productivity level of your business won’t be greatly affected, allowing your company to reap its rewards immediately.

Range of Designs
Whatever design you’re looking to use, suspended ceilings can complement the rest of the room. You can choose from a variety of styles, colours and textures to suit your taste.

Provides Soundproofing
Compared to normal drywall ceilings, suspended ceilings provide better acoustic qualities, minimising the noise from outside. This helps your employees focus on their work and makes your office ideal for client meetings.

Hides Structural or Mechanical Components
If you want to create a tidy, modern looking place, suspended ceilings can help you conceal unsightly components like cables, pipes and ducts. Aside from making your office look tidy, it can also provide safety for your employees.

Easy to Repair
Repairing wires or pipes can be labour intensive if they’re hidden above traditional ceilings. However, with suspended ceilings, you can easily access these hidden components by simply removing and re-assembling each panel. This way, you don’t have to demolish the entire section of the ceiling, saving you time and money.

Offers Heat Insulation
Suspended ceilings provide additional insulation by adding an extra layer to the ceiling. This could help you lower your energy bills.

Great Yarmouth Ceilings has over 40 years’ experience in the commercial interiors industry. We install suspended ceilings, dry lining, glass partitions and acoustic solutions. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements or to request a free quote. Call us on 01493 853451 or by emailing us at [email protected].

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