Industrial dry lining

What You Need To Know About Dry Lining

What is dry lining?

Dry lining, which is also called drywalling, is a time-efficient and cost-effective way of finishing interior walls and ceilings. This method of interior wall preparation has become an increasingly popular and convenient choice among building contractors and homeowners in the UK for more than a decade now.

In drylining, instead of hard plaster, plasterboards or similar board material are attached directly on to the surface of the wall or ceiling to cover the bare brickwork, block work, or masonry. Once the dry lining process is complete, the surface is ready to be painted and decorated. A wet plaster finish is no longer needed.

The advantages of dry lining

Dry lining is a perfect and practical choice for all types of dwellings and commercial properties, such as offices and shops. If you are currently building or renovating, here are some excellent reasons why you should consider commercial drylining:

  • Dry lining is more economical. It takes less time and man-hours compared to more traditional options. The best thing about commercial dry lining is thatthere is an appropriate plasterboard solution available for different requirements. For instance, there are moisture-resistant plasterboards, also known as aqua boards, which are ideal for bathrooms and other wet areas around the property.
  • Dry lining provides improved thermal efficiency. One of the main benefits of dry lining isthat it increases insulation and prevents condensation. This is usually done by attaching a thick layer of insulation and vapour barrier behind the plasterboard.
  • Dry lining makes renovation effortless. Dry lining canbe considered an interior design benefit, because it can conceal unsightly wires and cables and, more importantly, fix uneven walls instantly.

Finding a reputable dry lining contractor

We’re proud that Great Yarmouth Ceilings has a reputation as a leading suspended ceilings expert and dry lining contractor. To know more about dry lining and our other services, please contact us on 01493 853451 or email us at [email protected]. For free surveys and quotations, please get in touch.

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