Steel framing system

Steel Framing Systems – The Benefits

Steel framing systems, or SFS, provide an alternative to traditional blockwork for external and internal walls. The frame, constructed from lightweight cold rolled steel sections, can work with a wide range of external finishes – brickwork, insulated render, timber cladding, composite panels and more. Components are either custom-made, or can be cut to size on-site. Available in a range of gauges, the lengths can be pre-punched to allow for services.

SFS is an economical construction method suitable for a wide range of sectors and projects – flats, hotels, healthcare, education, commercial, retail.

The use of SFS has risen significantly in recent years, and when you read the list of benefits we’ve compiled below, it’s easy to understand why.

10 benefits of SFS over traditional blockwork

  1. It’s more flexible – steel can be shaped and cut to the exact requirements making it ideal for a wide range of designs
  2. It’s lighter –the components are relatively lightweight, making for easier on-site handling
  3. High strength – structures are robust, making it ideal for high rise projects
  4. Quicker to install –up to 60% quicker than traditional build
  5. More cost effective – materials are relatively cost-effective, but they can also be installed from inside the building – components can be craned to each floor so there’s no need for external scaffolding
  6. Improved precision – the frame doesn’t suffer from shrinkage or settlement in comparison to timber and masonry
  7. Water tightness achieved more quickly – this enables the project to progress more quickly
  8. Enables follow on trades to start project sooner– with zero drying time, the next stage of the project can progress without delay
  9. Large spans can be built – large openings are also easy to construct
  10. More sustainable – Steel is 100% recyclable which helps meet government legislation. There are also less lorry deliveries which helps to reduce carbon emissions.

We’ve provided and installed SFS framework and infill on a number of projects across East Anglia. It really is a great option for a swift, efficient and reliable build. If you’d like to discuss any projects with us, please do get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your options.

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